About Us

With a stable and professional team the company ViaturPico was founded in 1998 by people who believed in local tourism development, aiming to provide rent-a-car services and other facilities in the tourist industry. Initially focused its activities in the field of car rental with Rent-a-car Oasis and over time has expanded the rental of recreational water media with Nauti - rent and more recently expanded to renting holiday accommodation in rural areas with HousesInPico .

The company's aim is to offer various types of products that can be framed as a whole, providing moments of relaxation and leisure visitors and tourists who pass through our Azorean islands.

Car rental in the Rent-a-car Oásis component has its own offices in Pico island, particularly in the municipality of São Roque - with headquarters at Estrada Regional, 91 and at the maritime station of São Roque - and at Madalena municipality - with office at Rua Dr. Freitas Pimental and at the Madalena maritime gare thus capturing customers who arrive by sea. We also do deliveries and collections in the Pico Airport capturing customers who arrive by air. The fact of the rent-a-car have his offices at the main entrance locations at the island allow the delivery fee exemption in both municipalities. We also have office at Faial island, located at Horta maritime gare and partnerships at São Jorge and Terceira island.

In terms of accommodation the HousesInPico has at present in existing typologies, two cottages - rural tourism, and a local house accommodation in rural areas.

Taking as a starting point for local tourism development and the legal framework in which the ViaturPico is, there is still the possibility to organize and perform on their own or jointly with local companies, various types of activities of tourism activities that provide greater enjoyment of the holiday and tourism practiced.