Article 1 – STATE OF THE CAR – The car is delivered in perfect running condition. The meters and their contacts are sealed and the seals may not be removed or tampered with under penalty of having to pay rental on the base of 500 kilometers a day.

Article 2 – MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS – Our company is responsible for normal wear and tear. All repairs arising from either abnormal use or negligence on the part of the renter or na acidental cause will be carried out by us but will be paid by the renter. Responsibility of our company shall never be claimed even in case of accidents to persons or things haven arisen from constructional defects or previous repairs.

Article 3 – RENTAL, DEPOSIT, EXTENSION – The rented car must be used only by the renter. Prices of rental and deposit are fixed by rates in effect and payable in advance. In no case shall the deposit be used for na extension of rental. In order to avoid any protests and for cases where the renter wants to retain the car for a duration greater than one indicated, he must, after having obtained approval from our company, remit the cost of the additional hire 48 hours before expiration of the current rental, under penalty of being the object of judiciary proceeding or embezzlement of the car or trust abuse.

Article 4 – INSURANCE – The rates include a public liability limited insurance. The renter is held responsible for any damage or loss caused to the car, as well as the days of imobilization according with the class of the car, according to our rates.

Article 5 – TERMS OF PAYMENT – The rental will have to submit credit card at the beginning of the rental, or else will have to leave 500€ in cash as collateral for renting final adjustment will be made in ending the rental

Article 6 – RETURN OF THE CAR – Besides the renter formally undertaking not to abandon the car, also must return the vehicle in perfect state of conservation.
In case of material impossibility, the car shall be returned at the expense and through attention of the renter, rental remaining due until return of the car. Gasoline is not included in the rates. The cars are delivered with a full tank and must be refilled on termination of rental, at renters cost.

Article 7 – RESPONSIBILITY – The renter remains the sole person responsible for fines, infringements and sommonses taken out against him.

Article 8 – MINIMUM RENTAL PERIOD – One day (24 hours), a fraction of a day is considered as a full day rental.

Article 9 – COMPETENCE – In case of any doubts concerning the interpretation of the clauses in the present contract, and of any dispute whatsoever, only the Courts of São Roque do Pico are competent to deal and resolve



RENT A CAR OÁSIS created this document in order that you´re rental keep going the best way.
The resding of this paper does not exclude the reading of standart general conditions.
1- Please verify the vehicle before leaving our office.
a) If you notice any anomaly please contact us immediately.
2- Inclusions and exclusions of insurance made by RENT A CAR OÁSIS at your disposal
a) The renter is responsible by all damage caused on the RENT A CAR OÁSIS vehicle in case the he doesn´t accept any insurance available
b) The renter is responsible for the maximum franchise of car group when renter accept CDW clause.

The clauses mentions on 2b and 2c can not have effect on situations involving negligence such us:

3 – What to do in case of accident?
a) Call the police
b) Call RENT A CAR OÁSIS office as soon as possible

4 – RENT A CAR OÁSIS do not assume any responsability on objects or value that renter forgot on the vehicle.